I've had mine for about 3 months now and zero failures with a little over 1k rounds through it. Im just an individual that reloads and casts about 20 calibers for myself and family. Reloads can be loaded by anyone. This is an excellent article Pat and your advice is on target. Feels absolutely fantastic in the hand. I have the Saint Victor & The Saint pistol 9.5 Thats a good long while after when they could have done it. This lightweight, polymer sight is windage-adjustable; folds flat to make room for optics and is spring-loaded to allow for rapid deployment with . I own the second model Saint with the free float barrel. Love it, love it. I want fill a gap I have in my long gun capabilities. The constitution and laws of a state that violate the Constitution and laws of the United States are absolutely void. No there isn't; people overplay free floating way too much. Two of his other novels have also been best New York Times bestsellers. If you can find factory ammo for sale now it is a good deal. The heat plate inside the barrel grip smoked a little after the first 30 shots so I took it a little slower- I am sure it was just the newness burning off and the heat plate getting "seasoned". Right. I had a squib stuck in the barrel, because only a small amount of powder worked. New to the ar world. Supply is bleak and prices are up. Lower chamber pressure being that its 9 inches instead of 7 inches I guess this is a real improvement for a product value added feature, Standard single stage G.I. Type your email address and well send Springfield SAINT Edge 556 Rifle 10 Round Magazine (Save up to 6%) Price $1299.00. Both guns came with a MagPul PMag 30-round magazine, and I believe these are the best of the best when it comes to AR magazines period! In the same way, the Saint is an AR-15 made by Springfield Armory. That's what General Custer's troops said after their defeat at Little Big Horn because they were armed wirh trapdoor Springfield rifles and colt .45's and they were finished with Springfield. My awesome coworker blended together OD green, grey, and FDE, which turned out to be a great combo that gives it the rugged and war-torn look. Free Targets and Target Tracker Shooting Logs! For my fellow gun-nerds out there, here are the key specifications and the numbers to go with them, provided by Springfield. The Saint also has a muzzle break, and comes in a nice case. Compare specifications of Springfield Saint Victor 223/5.56 STV916556B and Ruger AR-556 Lite Free Float Handguard 223/5.56 8542. Yesterday I field stripped and lightly cleaned it- Rifle came nicely lubricated but a little too much for my standards so I wiped and cleaned then re-oiled. Daniel Defense DDM4V11 5. Simple light and handie. I've found both of them in stock for $750 and $950 respectively. Cheers BMW DOG. Watch the video above to see me in action. If you want a pretty good deal, Del-Ton has some pretty reasonable kits for sale. If you dont have a semiautomatic rifle with many magazines and ammunition, if you have the money, buy now! We already have an account registered for email address a good friend of mine is an all-metal gun guy and has a lot of trouble with steel ammo. This thing is light, fun, reliable, accurate and easy on the eyes. If you already have one, you might think about getting a couple more to pass on to your grandchildren. If you have access to a firing range with guns for rent, I would definitely recommend shooting as many as you can to get a feel for what you like. I bought a Ruger AR556 and am very pleased with it. Compare. Maybe you can pool resources and time. And that couple that is or was arrested in St Louis by the democratic state attorney for defending their house/ Sorry, but my soapbox is pretty shaky now, gotta go. I'd like to give my first impressions. Good article, people need basic firearms. Required fields are marked *. Barrel is Chromemoly Vanadium, Melonite coated inside and out, 1:8 twist and a NATO chamber. In the Road the main character is down to 2 rounds for his trip and the Survivalist also had 2 or 3 rounds left for his 12ga. It does you no good to be sitting on 5,000 rounds of 5.56mm and not have the training on how to use it effectively. window.PixleeAsyncInit = function() {Pixlee.init({apiKey:"D9gKCa4iiyIe5iWAbR33"});Pixlee.addSimpleWidget({lightbox:true, widgetId:2096912});}; Back to the start: Springfield Armory chose a good build sheet for the Saint. The Handguard is free-floating for accuracy and the slim, 15 length provides enhanced ergonomics and support. Okay, theyre nothing high-rev, but theyre there. Which is the better option? But, the point is, that whats there is good; its well and wisely chosen. Both seem like solid platforms. Put your own together. It has an 18" barrel, magpul furniture. She can load her own mags but apparently being her gun boy is why she married me. With both guns, all groups were right around 1.5-inches again, at 50-yards, with iron sightsI think with more practice, I could shrink those groups down a bit more. The first two are built on AR-15 platforms, while the last two are AR-10 . Specifications: Springfield Armory SAINT Victor B5 5.56mm NATO The Springfield Armory SAINT Victor B5 rifle is very similar to most of the previous offerings through the SAINT Victor line of firearms. But with whats coming plus the non available ammo its probably not the last one to shutter operations. This 6-pound rifle comes with a 5-round capacity magazine and is one of the best AR-15 options for the hunter looking for big-game performance in the MSR platform. gear. Since purchasing, I have outfitted my Saint with a Vortex Spitfire AR (1x) red dot, which has worked great and was quite easy to zero. Its just hard to go wrong with a basic, no-frills AR, like the Springfield or the Ruger. When the Saint hit the stores I could not wait to get my hands on I own some Springfield firearms and was excited but because they had not put out such a firearm I decided to wait for a year and see the reviews and until today 2018 February 14th I heard it's still a piece of junk I live here in Nevada where you can shoot before you buy and found it few of the stores do not even allow you to shoot the saint and when I finally did it did exactly what everyone said it jammed every 15 rounds I always see these massive reviews about junk Glocks the junk vp9 and now the junk saint I believe that the people riding these reviews are either being paid by the big companies or have never actually done any real hands on reviews of the Firearms they're talking about going out to the range and shoot in your 10-round magazine does not make it an excellent or superb or reliable firearm so once again do yourself a favor drop a Sig and let me know how it goes. Great review overall. Thanks! Both guns were fired for accuracy over a rifle padded bag, over the hood of my pick-up truck. Ruger had its share of fudd moments in the past. The furniture, as already mentioned is completely different on these guns. There is a prayer or saying out there that goes something like this. There are others as well. As to my accuracy testing, I did 5 groups with each gun at 50 yards, and took the best group as an average for my findings. Sure. This is one of my favorite aspects of the Saint. Trigger, grip, and stock ($150+$25+$50) is more than $200 of add-ons to begin with. Type in ( Glock Cascio) and hit enter. I like them a lot more as a company and Ive heard very few bad things about their ARs. Springfield recently released the Saint in an FDE version, which features the gun communitys favorite tan but better color on the stock, grip, and handguard. Many ARs, when you do find them, are selling for a lot more than actual retail, and in some cases, double and even triple retail. The stock is BCM Gunfighter Mod O, and the trigger guard and grip also are from Bravo Company. It is pretty much one sided. SAINT Victor .308 Features. Base models of the Saint include a slim profile Bravo Company M-Lok handguard, BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 grip, BCM Gunfighter Mod 0 stock and a Nickle Boron coated G.I Trigger with a smooth, grit free pull. Adjustable gas blocks allow. I cant honestly say, when it came to accuracy, one gun was better at it than the other, and I was shooting premium .223 ammo in both guns. Find the right optic for you in our Best AR-15 Optic 2018 review. Springfield Armory is embarking on a bit of a corporate re-branding. Ruger. They were a great price seller on bulk ammo. Ruger AR-556 MPR 6. DONE WITH SPRINGFIELD!!!!! 's blog. While its not quite Pelican level, it is certainly better than a cheap Plano, and definitely better than getting a gun in a cardboard box. But I also know that some guns wont shoot steel case ammo very well, example: In 7.6239, SKS and AKs will while Ruger Mini 30 wont. In Stock. I've fired a couple of Ruger and S&W AR rifles and thought they were good. I had no problems and it functioned just fine. Not my first AR15 but definitely one of my best ones. While the Saint is chambered for the 5.56mm round, it will also accept .223 Remington (like all other 5.56mm rifles). It may help to offer him brass you dont need or lead if hes a caster. I am fairly new to the gun world as I just moved from CA to AZ with only a few guns that were handed down to me from my grandfather, so when I moved to AZ I went a bit crazy buying a new gun each moth for the past three months. If it doesnt feed reliability, it can be fixed, improved later. Box 303 The barrel is machined with a 1 turn in 7 inches rifling twist and features 1/2x28 threads on the muzzle. The SIG SUER M400 TREAD with its smooth M-LOK handguard is a solid performer that won't break the bank. Look closely at the specifications list on the Springfield Armory website and see the detail differences. I didnt expect any and didnt have any problems and the barrels on both guns were very hot after 90 rounds down range. Ive probably put about 100 rounds through it. I ended up giving my G22 to my SIL, who has the G23, because after several hundred rounds I was having trouble with accurancy. So glad I did because the PMAG-30 that came with the gun felt a little weak as if it was a mag not suitable for retail sale by itself- Just a hunch I thought. I wouldn't limit myself to just those two. If not by you, by someone a friend, a family member, a vet, or if you have to, just pay a gunsmith. This rifle's longer barrel gives more velocity. The Springfield Saint is probably one of the better entry-level, budget-friendly AR-15s available on the market at the moment. I was a little worried. Didn't want to overheat a new gun- Not sure if it matters but seems like it was a good idea to take it east the first hundred or so rounds. Beautifully shooting rifle, honestly compares with a $1400 Daniel Defense I have. The Springfield Saint AR-15 is a great entry-level AR-15 that is easy to use and customize. Right now, AR-15 styles of rifles are difficult to come by, because of all the violence in the USA everyone wants the best of the best, to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their homes from this violence. The Wall Street Journal had an article in the Opinion page, just 21,500 votes judicially located in 3 states would have given Trump a second term. Then the, While many people (myself included) were skeptical of Springfields first AR-15, the Saint has proven itself to be a stand-out among entry-level AR-15s. The actual pistol grip is not mil-spec, and it feels great in the hand. We'll only use the information provided according to our privacy policy. One more thing you dont have to buy, but would otherwise! Brand: Springfield. Ive noticed 9mm steel case is more readily available, at least online. Notify Me When Available. My knowledge of hand guns and hand gun ammo is sorely lacking. No holds barred guide on prepping for the coming mini ice age: storage food, gardens, seeds, livestock, water systems, hunting, security, antibiotics, firearms, more. The rifle just seems to balance well in my hands and the pistol, the same. Worlds better than a stock USGI. Hey quick update on unammo in Phoenix axas of last week they have announced they have closed their businessI have dealt with Howie for the last 15 years and am sorry to see them go. The advertisers at SurvivalBlog sell prepping items, and ~storage foods. Do you notice any other differences when compared to other AR-15 platforms? When the pins backed out it caused it to shoot full auto for the rest of the mag. The ammo seems to be relatively cheap and still available at least in my area]. I also added a Vortex SPARC AR red dot sight (love it). But only US or NATO standard ammo. c/o P.O. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. And, if you want to make some changes to personalize either of these guns, you have a perfect base to start from. Since I bought mine, Springfield has turned the original Saint into its own line. I recently purchased a few 20 rd boxes of .223 and a box of .44 Mag at Midwayusa. A forum community dedicated to Ruger firearm owners and enthusiasts. It does shoot just fine though. I am looking for an all purpose rifle under 1000. When it came to the Ruger, I like that it is a basic no-frills AR carbine, and it felt great in my hands, and when I shouldered it. Feels great, looks fantastic (i have the earth tone and love it), has a really nice crisp trigger for stock, and its never malfunctioned. So I'm looking to get an AR15 and have come across 2 main guns that I've been considering, the Ruger AR-556 MPR and the Springfield Saint Victor. Ruger also partook in the latter. I bought a StagArms and Im really happy with it. There is longer rifling in the barrel of the handgun currently on my hip than there is in this PDW. These just felt so good in my hands and shot so accurately, I just had to get a set! Caliber: 5.56 NATO. I personally dont like doing any sort of Versus firearms articles, because it is difficult, if not impossible, to remain totally unbiased. People that say this gun is junk crack me up !! Absolutely not. Personalize your experience. These days, AR-15 design can get pretty fancy, and yes Im talking about you Daniel Defense. And there are a shit ton of them out there. I've put 500+ rounds through a Saint. And, to be sure, both of these ARs are the basic entry-level ARs being offered by these two fine companies. & You may know Springfield from their famed M1A rifles and 1911s . - If you want all Magpul furniture, BUIs. Springfield Armory SAINT; Sig Saure M400 Tread; Bushmaster XM15-ES2 ORC; The Ruger AR-556 is NOT "As its name implies its strictly a 5. ruger american vs winchester xpr review. I am fortunate to have a good supply for myself and fellow preppers in my group but that is what all of us face in the near future. Upon getting it home I found it to be steel case. Can't trust a review from someone that doesn't know how to use a period. In the end, a person will usually like one firearm over another, and probably for no solid reason just a personal bias. Shot three rounds from it then tried the original PMAG- This time it set in fine. Need ammo for your new AR15? Having goats and chickens we attract lots of predators. It now reaches more than 320,000 unique visitors weekly. DB15, Smith and Wesson, Ruger 556, have seen Sig Treads at $850. Using comparable ammo from the same distances, the Saint had better groupings. I am so happy with my new AR - My only AR actually. The trigger pull on the Springfield is much lighter and crisp as well, but very smooth thanks to the coating Springfield applies to the trigger group. Springfield Armory is a major maker. I still shoot brass cased ammo. Ruger MPR vs Springfield Saint Posted on 11/14/19 at 3:55 pm 0 0 In the market for my first AR15. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter, How the Springfield Saint Compares to Other AR-15 Platforms, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I have a full power hunting rifle, lever-action pistol caliber carbine, and a basic shotgun. Ill dig more now and sure appreciate your help. I love it too! Select what level shooter you are! No big deal since I will likely buy 4-5 more mags. Ruger, Springfield are very nice quality guns very nice Id love to have that Ruger. So when I say they are all what they should be, that means Springfield Armory wrote the right build sheet. You might find a smaller company in your area that has a good deal. I know there is better out there but as far as getting the most bang for my buck I have it down to these two options. Isn't the Saint more expensive than the AR556? Same as new colts they not a all.out colt mixed parts from tons different companies le6920 best true for colt am.saying the Springfield has had mich good stuff as any ar these days for less ok ar 15 all or same no diff in lower if it's a 7075 upper or lower they all made same specs only finesh quality build on some or better one company mades 8 diff uppers lowers for lots only name sake on them far as Springfield being old school made ever new colts or not same as. It makes a huge difference, and with accuracy, caliber counts for far less than first round hit on a vital spot. Needed a cleaning rod to clear the spent casing. So far I have used your standard, cheap (see the trend here), FMJ ball ammo. Get proficient on YOUR time. I have another Springfield product that Ive had to send in twice for two different recalls. If ammo wasnt so darned expensive now Id have thousands of rounds through it already. [ my bias here; at this late date, I would recommend getting something that fires 7.6239 even if only an outrageously expensive, worn out SKS although AKs seem to be available, but insanely expensive. I hopes that helps. Charles K, I am not a big fan of any steel case ammo. I currently own a Diamondack DB15 7.5 inch and the ATI OMNI Hybrid 7.5 inch..I was wondering if youd do a review of the ATI OMNI? I got a Vortex Strike Fire 3 and shes dead nuts on at 100 yards and more. Ruger MPR or Springfield saint victor So I'm looking to get an AR15 and have come across 2 main guns that I've been considering, the Ruger AR-556 MPR and the Springfield Saint Victor. Springfield Saint 5.56 vs Smith M&P Sport II vs. Colt LE6920 - AR15.COM AR-15 AR Basics Site Notices NEW Releases from Tactical Night Vision / Night Goggles and other Shot Show Products Coming! You get what you pay for in firearms, we all know that. You can go wrong with this platform whatsoever. Now for the bad news, right now, it is extremely difficult, to almost impossible, to find any kind of decent AR-15 rifle at a reasonable price. I think its a wonderful thing, though, because I will recommend this gun for a brand new (at least new to AR-15s) owner. Failure to extract on the very first round. The two that are strongest contenders in my research are the 16" Ruger MPR with B5 furniture (Model 8542), or the 16" Saint Victor (STV916556B). Springfield has also released eight SAINT variants over the preceding years; almost all of these, fortunately, features a. It was tough to part with that much money for a weapon until the first trigger pull. When I think of factory-built premium AR-15s, my first thought is Wilson Combat. I dropped an ACOG on mine, and it's been a great shooter for years never one failure out of thousands of rounds and even cheap steel. Fixed it means all the issues we (and me very loudly) have identified have been incorporated by Springfield Armory. Its not free-floating, but it is worlds beyond USGI for ergonomics and utility. It doesn't; it stands for Armalite Rifle. If you can compare it with the Saint. Have had multiple Failures to Fire with Wolf brand .40 in my Glock 22 despite what looks like a good strike. He also turned me onto CTD for good price/quality ammo & accessories, so I have not been a long time follower of your blog. My son asked me to get an AR so we could shoot on weekends, and that started my choice to get back in the game. I have always thought of Stag's as being solid mid level guns, nothing fancy but good quality. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content. Ruger MPR; free floated M-LOK handguard, 18" cold hammer forged QPQ nitride barrel, rifle length gas system, Magpul MOE grip, MOE-SL stock (amazing), and Ruger 452 trigger, a very smooth, ~4lb 2 stage trigger. The closing stages of 2017 have witnessed a dramatic expansion of Springfield Armory's Saint series of AR-15-style rifles and pistols. Another nice touch that gives a tip of the hat to a more tactical . Capacity: 30+1-Round Cartridge: 5.56 mm NATO Front Sight: None Length: 32.25-35.8 Magazine Included: 1 x 30-Round Magazine Type: Removable Muzzle: Flash Suppressor Rear Sight: None Stock Material: Polymer Weight: 6.28 lbs Made in the USA Features In any event, civilians are now having to protect themselves from this horrible violence. Surprisingly despite my rather diverse collection I have yet to get my hands on one. Also currently in the Tucson Area and they are correct! My single complaint is the word saint being so huge on the mag well, lol. As of publishing time (Oct. 23), Springfield is shipping the pistol out in limited quantities. 1/21/2023 Enter to win an FN FAL Rifle 11/2/2022 [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Springfield Saint 5.56 vs Smith M&P Sport II vs. Colt LE6920 ARCHIVED It is possible to head for the range and give it a spin just as it comes out of the box. After five rounds I gave up. trigger but made with better fitting and tolerances for a 5 pound Crisp pull. We do not know to what standard Wolf or Tulammo is loaded. Sure, you can pay a lot more for a fancier AR than either the Ruger AR-556 or the Springfield Armory Saint AR, but I dont believe you will be getting more of any AR. So that means you're into a rifle for $615 plus shipping. Objective review where many cant be objective when it comes to Springfield Armory products due to politics. Since I bought mine, Springfield has turned the original Saint into its own line. The Ruger retails for $799 however, I saw one distributor selling them for $850 again, this was a distributor, selling to FFL dealers. The SAINT Victor SBR 5.56 synergistically combines an 11.5" chrome moly vanadium barrel with a premium Bravo Company six-position collapsible buttstock to let the gun run like the proper high-end tactical tool it is. The first 30 rounds went through with no problem- Used the new PMAG-30 I bought separately. My conjecture based on looking in the case: I carelessly let a couple of drops of sweat fall into the case, while I was reloading. Overall the gun ran fine with no jams or issues. It goes without saying that Ruger is a trusted name in the gun industry. Thanks Rick. I didnt see much sense in sending more hard to get, and expensive .223 ammo downrange for this side-by-side test article. I dont know, if they still do. Very reliable weapon. I emailed customer service, still havent gotten a response for that. Id also be looking over it and making notes on what I had to replace to get it up to speed and then out to the range. Second round, exactly the same thing. anything extra and your This is coming from a guy who had build 5 AR15 rifles in 5.56,.224, 6.5 grendel, 6.5 creedmore, 6.8spc. Mar 15, 2017. woodtown said: Got my saint 3/1 had several failures to eject. Im curious to hear your thoughts, or anyone else. I was going to go to a gun show in the next week or so but have decide not to go. Let me add that loading the PMAG that came with the gun felt loose and not that solid but when I loaded the 2nd purchased POMAG it felt much better. If do not have supplies set now, its bad tactics to have a list of items you just bought. Hours of review videos later, I found myself with a lengthy internet history and some positive assurance about the Saint. The SR556 (and other piston ARs) were a solution in search of a problem. look for the small Search Box on the upper right hand of the page. Yes, pressure on the barrel can affect POI, but it's blown out of proportion. Just another comment not related to the above article. My own AR came from a small shop in my state, I got it for $850. And, when they are actually allowed to make an arrest, many times it is for disorderly conduct. Caliber: 5.56 NATO; Barrel: 5.5 inches; 1:8 twist; Overall Length: 18.75 inches (collapsed); 23.5 inches (extended) Dealer had no trouple taking the Ruger apart. It's stupid easy to do and saves a ton of money. Nice rifle. From my own personal observation guns and ammo are very scarce right now. When I first started preparedness, I thought to go with the most common LEO but larger cartridge, so got the G22. There are a lot of good choices in the Ruger price range, so with the Ruger being American made, and they have excellent customer service, I chose the AR 556. Finally got in touch by phone. The US military has finally figured this out, and is phasing in these mags to all branches these days. (Josh Wayner for TTAG) Specs: SIGM400 TREAD by SIG SAUER. Spend the rest on ammo, sling, training and optic. The Gun Range in my area use to collect the spent brass on the ground, and sell it to reloaders. The Saint combines the standard A2 look with a sleek a timeless design. Thanks for your service bro bless you and keep on bearing. I have not had any problems with it. Their drunk with power, embolden after stealing an election. Can a rifle be reliable, accurate, If you have access to a firing range with guns for rent, I would, Receiver: Type III Hard Coat Anodized Aircraft Grade 7075 T6 Aluminum Flat Top, Barrel: 16 Chrome Moly Vanadium, 1:8 RH Twist, Melonite, Gas System: Direct Impingement Mid-Length. But if I had both steel and brass cased ammo available, I would choose brass every time. The result is lower gas port pressure, nicer manners and better function. The BCM Gunfighter forend uses M-Lok attachment slots. guns & I am open to anything and want the OB to discuss. However I recently purchased three 150 round boxes of Winchester 115 grain, FMJ. Im just glad we now have AR comparison articles and have sometimez heated debates. ******* My JP rifle that was 3 times the price has experienced the same thing. I own several ARs and all shoot well. 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